Elite Academy League reporting expectations – scores must be reported within 24 hours of the final whistle.

Phone Number: 904-758-0875
Event ID: 81900 (Northeast) or 80179 (Southwest)
4 Digit Pin: 1470
On line:

Call in:
1.After the game has finished – please call 904-758-0875
2. Press 1 to enter Elite Academy League scores when prompted
3. Elite Academy League: Games enter your Event I.D.: 81900 (Northeast) or 80179 (Southwest) then press #
4. Then enter your EVENT PIN number 1470 then press #
5. Enter the game number and press #
6. You will be prompted to enter either:
-Number 1 to update score
-Number 2 to update yellow cards
-Number 3 to update red cards

DO NOT ENTER CARDS – Elite Academy League Referees will enter ALL cards.
7. Press number 1
8. You will be prompted to enter the HOME SCORE then press #
9. You will be prompted to enter the AWAY SCORE then press #
10. To save you press number 1 or to cancel press number 2
11. You can enter the Elite Academy League score for another game by pressing number 2